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Dental crowns & fillings

Dental filings are a routine method for removing cavities in teeth and restoring the teeth so that they look and function naturally. At Oasis Dental Studio, we use modern mercury-free, white, composite resin restorations to restore your teeth in the most natural way possible. 

There are many advantages to the modern white restorations when compared to the traditional silver, amalgam restorations. With composite resin fillings, we can target the specific area of decay in your tooth, without removing additional healthy tooth structure, and we can chemically-bond the resin material to your tooth for better bonding-strength while preserving more of your natural tooth structure.

While traditional amalgam restorations can hold up for a long time without issues, over time, they can cause cracks in teeth and eventually can lead to tooth fracture. At this point, treatment can be more difficult to restore, and teeth may even require extractions. Using white, composite resin fillings, we reduce these risks and help improve the long-term health of your teeth. 

Sometimes teeth break and chip, or large dental restorations start to wear out around the edges and bacteria leak around the filling. When this happens, sometimes we can fix the teeth with a new filling but when it is a larger break, or a large existing filling that requires replacement, we then look at restorations with porcelain crowns. Porcelain crowns offer improved structure and strength for teeth that would otherwise require larger fillings that would break more easily. Crowns offer several advantages as a restorative material as they are stronger and able to better match the natural esthetics of your teeth. Our dentists ensure that the crown fits intimately to your tooth to ensure the remaining tooth structure remains intact. Talk to your dentist if you have any questions or concerns about existing fillings or crowns in your mouth.

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