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Emergency Dentist in Coquitlam

Dental emergencies occur when we least expect them to and can cause a lot of trouble when they happen. Fortunately, at Oasis Dental Studio, we are open 7 days a week to help with your dental emergencies in Coquitlam. If you are having emergent pain, discomfort, or a dental concern, please reach out to our office and we will do our best to accommodate you on the same day.

Our goal is always to alleviate discomfort and provide optimal patient care. We will assess the situation and discuss the best options for treatment and long-term oral health with you so that you can make informed oral health care decisions for yourself.

When should I seek emergency dental care?

If you are in extreme and severe pain or have had a recent trauma to your mouth (i.e. hockey puck accident or falling off a bike) please contact us immediately. We have a team of dentists who will be able to see you seven days a week. We are also open until 7pm from Monday to Wednesday for late emergencies.

Tooth Pain

Dull throbbing pain that shoots up towards your ear or down towards your chin, pain that wakes you up while you are asleep, or pain that doesn’t improve after taking pain relivers, like Advil and Tylenol, are signs of a dental infection. Infected teeth can cause severe pain as the nerves inside the mouth are a part of a sensitive branch of nerves. If you experience this kind of pain, contact our office immediately so that we can help.

Fractured teeth or trauma

Sudden trauma to the face such as a sporting accident, falling off a bike or a physical assault can lead to fractured teeth and bones. If you experience any of these, contact our office immediately as prolonging the care of a damaged tooth could cause the damage to worsen or even get infected. There are various methods on how to treat a chipped or fractured tooth as it depends on the intensity of the damage. Smaller chips can be fixed with dental filling or composite bonding which is then shaped to match the natural shape of your tooth.

If the trauma to the tooth is more severe, our dentists might recommend dental crowns or even veneers. If the trauma was severe enough to dislocate the tooth and expose pulp, a root canal would be the recommended treatment as exposed pulp can get infected. It's important to contact us as soon as possible for any dental trauma so we can identify the best possible treatment required to keep your smile happy and healthy.

If your tooth comes out of your mouth, please place it in a jar of milk, or in saliva, and immediately bring it to the office with you.

Sensitive teeth and sore gums

Sensitive teeth and sore gums are not necessarily an emergency but they should be examined sooner than later. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be a sign of a potential underlying problem and you should book an appointment to have it checked out.

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