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From preventative cleanings to complete smile makeovers, our studio offers a broad range of services to care for your oral health and help you achieve your best smile.

Our list of services below covers some of the treatments that we provide. Don't see what you need? Contact us and we would be happy to discuss any concerns you have.

Icon dental hygiene

Hygiene & prevention

A comprehensive checkup and cleaning to help maintain your smile and overall tooth and gum health
Dental fillings icon

Dental fillings

Teeth with chips, and cavities need tending to. Fillings can help repair compromised teeth to restore their strength and function
Icon invisalign


Minimally-invasive orthodontic alignment of teeth to relieve crowding and improve your bite, smile, and oral health
Icon crowns and fillings

Dental crowns

When a larger portion of the tooth is damaged or decayed, dental crowns provide a greater level of strength to restore the smile
Icon cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry

Whitening treatments, composite bonding, and expertly-crafted veneers to enhance and brighten your smile
Icon botox

Botox injections

In addition to reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, Botox can be used to treat discomfort from TMJ, teeth grinding, and clenching
Icon implant and extractions

Implants & extractions

For teeth that can’t be saved, dental implants offer a beautiful, long-term, and low-maintenance solution to transform your bite and smile
Icon root canal

Root canals

Deep cavities can affect the nerve inside the tooth. Root canal treatments allow us to save these teeth and prevent them from being removed from the mouth
Icon sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry

Many folks are afraid to see the dentist. Oral sedation allows for you to be relaxed through your visit so that you can get the care you need with reduced stress
Icon emergency dentistry

Emergency care

Emergency pain and chipped teeth can be an uncomfortable surprise. Our doctors will help assess and treat these concerns to ensure your comfort

Additional services

Emergency services

Are you having pain or emergency concerns? Give us a call during our operating hours, we’ll always try to help. If this is an after-hours emergency, give us a call and follow the instructions in the voicemail message.
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