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Routine homecare of your teeth is essential to maintain the health of your mouth. However, even with regular brushing and flossing, bacterial plaque and calculus will still build up around the teeth. Throughout the day, bacteria constantly collect on the teeth as plaque and the minerals from our saliva harden these bacteria into a difficult to remove substance known as calculus. Our hygienists work hard to help you remove these buildups during your hygiene visit in the office so that your natural teeth are kept clean and white and the surrounding gums remain healthy.

While many people require routine hygiene maintenance visits with our hygienists every 6 months, some people have increased risks of gingivitis and periodontal disease (gum disease) and require more frequent hygiene visits to prevent oral health problems. At your hygiene visit, we will assess the health of your gums, provide the necessary scaling and root planing to clean the teeth, and we will polish the teeth to keep them as clean and healthy as possible. Our team will let you know how frequently we recommend you see us for hygiene visits and will discuss the risk factors you may have for your oral health. Our priority is your long-term wellbeing, so we will review oral hygiene tips to help prevent further tooth and gum issues.

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