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Pediatric dentistry

Tooth decay in children can begin at a very early age. Because of the added sugars in baby formulas, juices and even the natural sugars in breast milk, cavities can result in the teeth of kids at an early age. If left undiagnosed and untreated, this decay can rapidly spread through the baby teeth and can affect the adult teeth in the mouth, even before they have come into the mouth. 

It is important to have your child see a dentist for an exam once the first tooth has appeared in the mouth or no later than their first birthday. By sticking to a regular 6 month checkup routine with your child, it helps set a habit for oral care importance that can last a lifetime. At your child’s visit, your dentist will go over the best ways to help prevent and reduce cavities in the mouth, proper oral hygiene techniques for your child depending on their age and will review any treatment recommendations that they may have for your child. We will also polish your child’s teeth to make sure their smile remains white and healthy.

Once your child has their first adult molars appear in the mouth, usually around 6 years old. Your dentist will recommend placing sealants in the grooves of the molars. A sealant is an artificial resin layer that is used to seal the deep grooves of the molars to prevent bacteria sticking into these grooves that often cannot be cleaned out. The sealants help reduce the risk of cavity development in the adult teeth without any drilling of the teeth or need for local anesthesia.

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