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Sedation dentistry

At Oasis Dental Studio, we believe that your comfort throughout your visit is very important. If you feel that you may have dental anxiety, oral sedation can help make your treatment visits more comfortable. Your dentist will take the time to evaluate your individual needs and prior to starting your appointment, will provide you with a medication that helps sedate you. Oral sedation provides a deeper level of sedation than laughing gas (nitrous), and in addition to making you feel more comfortable, often helps in reducing your memory of the visit as well. There are a variety of anti-anxiety medications that are used for oral sedation, and we will ensure that we provide the appropriate one for you to help reduce anxiety, and allow you to receive the treatment you need.

Throughout the sedation experience, we monitor your vital signs to ensure you are safe. Oral sedation allows us to complete your treatment in less time and with fewer visits. As oral sedation does provide a deeper level of sedation, we require someone to bring you home after any appointments in which you are being sedated. Talk to your dentist about oral sedation if this may be of interest to you or if you have any questions about it.

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