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Dental Implants in Coquitlam

What are dental implants?

Despite your best intentions, teeth sometimes need to be removed to protect and improve your oral health. While we always try to save your teeth for a lifetime, there are times when teeth need to be taken out, such as crowded teeth, extra teeth, and in some cases, wisdom teeth which can be positioned wrong in the mouth and require removal to preserve the health of the remaining teeth. In some cases, teeth that are severely cracked, decayed or missing significant bone support are no longer able to be saved and need to be removed. When we have discussed and ruled out all other options for treatment to save your teeth, we will do our best to support and help you with your decision to extract your tooth. 

How do tooth extractions work?

While no one is excited to have a tooth removed, we aim to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Some people prefer to be sedated prior to extraction and it is an option that your dentist will discuss with you before your extraction appointment. We use modern anesthetics to ensure you are sufficiently numb before starting any procedure. Once the anesthesia has settled in, we use specialized instruments to ensure your tooth is removed as carefully as possible to preserve the health of the surrounding bone and tissue. Instructions will be provided to care for the extraction site at the end of your visit and we will always offer to see you back, at no-charge, for a check to ensure that the site is healing appropriately.

Tooth implants and replacements

Removing a tooth is usually the first step in a long-term care process. After a tooth is removed, sometimes we wish to replace it to ensure your smile and function are unaffected. Without replacement, teeth around the extraction site can move and cause long-term problems with your bite. Additionally, the bone around the tooth often reduces during the healing process, limiting options for replacement. Your dentist can discuss bone grafting options to help prevent this reduction to ensure you have the best chance at replacing the missing tooth and maintaining your smile. At Oasis, our dentists will recommend a few options for replacing missing teeth such as: dental implants, bridges, and dentures. Your dentist will review these options with you prior to removal and will help you plan for your long-term oral health goals. 

What is the dental implant process?

Dental implants offer a modern solution to replace a missing tooth in your mouth. The dental implant acts as an artificial root for your tooth and a crown is placed on top to restore the tooth. The dental implant process allows for a direct replacement of missing teeth in the mouth without needing to take something in and out of the mouth, like a denture. Our studio provides a comprehensive plan to ensure your dental implant procedure in Coquitlam will create a natural and healthy smile with the following steps:

  1. We will obtain a 3D scan of the jaw to assess how much bone structure remains and to digitally plan where the implant will be placed.
  2. If there is not enough bone, a bone grafting procedure may be done to add bone to the jaw prior to implant placement.
  3. The implant is placed and the gum tissue is closed up to allow for it to integrate into the jaw
  4. After a few months of healing, the tissue is opened to access the top of the implant and a digital scan is done to plan the final crown
  5. The crown is placed in the mouth and the bite and smile are restored

Free tooth and dental implant consulations in Coquitlam

Dental implants are often the gold standard for treatment to replace missing teeth and with all the possible options available, our dentists will find out which is the best solution for you. Give our dental studio a call today to book your free consultation and learn more about our dental implant procedure in Coquitlam today!

Are dental implants covered by insurance?

Like most dental procedures, dental implants can be covered by major insurance providers. If you are unsure what your coverage is, feel free to make an appointment for a free consultation about our dental implant procedures in Coquitlam and bring all necessary insurance information so our staff will be able to assist you.

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