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Dental bridge

While we try our best to save teeth, sometimes teeth require extraction which can result in missing spaces in the smile. Without replacement of the missing tooth, there is a chance that the surrounding teeth can shift causing long-term issues with the bite and smile. A dental bridge offers a non-surgical approach to replace your missing tooth quickly with a permanent restoration that does not need to be taken in and out of the mouth.

A dental bridge involves connecting teeth on either side of a missing tooth together with a floating tooth to replace the missing tooth in your smile. The new teeth match with your existing smile so that you cannot tell a tooth is missing. This offers a great alternative for those not eligible for dental implants and is able to be completed in a short time. There are a variety of materials that can be used to make a dental bridge though most commonly, a porcelain ceramic is used to ensure the final result appears natural while having the strength for everyday use and function.

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